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  • Serving Holland/ Zeeland, MI and the Lakeshore
  • 616-594-0046
  • ls@reptilesls.com
  • Mon-Sat: 8am-8pm

Fundraising Information

Hello! My name is Lalo Salcedo (LS) and I hope this note with details on the REPTILES EXHIBIT & EVENT CENTER fundraiser reaches you in great spirits. The purpose of this note is to share some details of what the funds raised are going to be used for. The funds raised will be used to build the “REPTILES EXHIBIT & EVENT CENTER” from the ground up OR to purchase and renovate a building. Funds will be used to purchase large quantities of enclosures and stands, lamp fixtures, heating pads, decorations, bulbs, screen tops, shelving, and more. Funds will be used to purchase reptiles of all sizes. I have already purchased 10s of $1000s of dollars out of my own pocket and just a small sample of purchases I’ve made is listed below. NOTE: “BOTH” refers to the REPTILES EXHIBIT & EVENT CENTER

✔ 100+ reptiles and growing
✔ 100s of various reptile decorations (still not enough)
✔ Many terrariums
✔ Many terrarium stands
✔ Many screen tops
✔ Multiple parrot cages for the lounging area
✔ 1 of many parrots for lounging area
✔ Multiple Coffee makers for the lounging area
✔ Vacuums, brooms, and mops to clean BOTH
✔ Many mirrors for BOTH
✔ Many digital frames and TVs for BOTH
✔ Misting system for REPTILES EXHIBIT
✔ Many boxes of tile and substrate for terrariums
✔ Fridges to keep reptiles food cold (worms, fruits, veggies)
✔ Stools to reach inside taller terrariums
✔ Multiple HD Screens for BOTH
✔ Multiple HD Projectors for BOTH
✔ HD Security Systems for BOTH
✔ Plants and decor for BOTH
✔ Sound systems for BOTH
✔ Point of Sale Register + Chip reader + contactless reader + cash register
✔ Special light systems for BOTH
✔ Wireless microphone systems for BOTH
✔ Multiple iPads and Laptops for BOTH

✔ Many paper towel racks for BOTH
✔ Many trash containers for BOTH
✔ Tables for BOTH
✔ Chairs for BOTH
✔ Many smoke detectors for BOTH
✔ Many LED motion sensor lights for BOTH
✔ Many storage units for REPTILES EXHIBIT
✔ Multiple HD TV Screens for BOTH
✔ Many Fans for BOTH
✔ Multiple Google Minis for Reptiles Exhibit (to automatically answer questions on reptiles)
✔ Amazon Firesticks for Lounging area TVs
✔ All in Ones (Print, Copy, Fax, and Scan) for BOTH
✔ Landline “Business” Phones for BOTH
✔ Credit Card Processing Stand
✔ And so much more
✔ Multiple air purifiers for BOTH
✔ Black leather sectional pieces for lounging area
✔ Clean filtered water dispensers for lounging area

Marketing: I personally will be designing all of our promotional material including the following:

✔ All promotional flyers
✔ Monthly newsletters
✔ Ad designs for the TV screens displayed in BOTH
✔ Custom tee shirt designs for shirts we will sell
✔ Reptile Birthday party invitations
✔ and so much more

All funds from the special graphic design packages listed below will go towards opening up the Reptiles Exhibit & Event Center in Holland, MI USA. More special packages will be listed. Sample of our high quality graphic design work is listed below and more samples of our work available upon request. NOTE: PAY NOW & SUBMIT LATER. You can lock in any of our specials now with payment and submit information for your design when your project is ready. These packages are subject to change and will be removed at any time. 100% satisfaction guaranteed. Please keep these packages in mind.

Custom Logo and Double-sided Business Card Design bundle $150:

Custom Flyer Design bundle (yes 2 designs) only $75

Listed on the flyer below is just a small sample of ways you can help our fundraiser and receive something in return

Custom Banner Design + Banner Printing + Stand + Carrying Bag $150

We have personally invested 10’s of $1000’s of dollars and will continue to do so but this is BIGGER than us so this is why we want your help. Although we would happily accept love offerings/ donations in any amount’ we are NOT asking for free money. Listed on the flyer below is just a small sample of ways you can help our fundraiser and receive something in return. Also, all funds from private and public events booked will go towards the REPTILES EXHIBIT & EVENT CENTER fundraiser so we are doing our part. The Reptiles Exhibit and Event Center will BE for families in the Holland community, the surrounding communities, and for families across the US. Thank you in advance for your help!

You can make a LOVE OFFERING in any amount

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