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✞ Isaiah 43:2 “When you go through deep waters, I will be with you. When you go through rivers of difficulty, you will not drown. When you walk through the fire of oppression, you will not be burned up; the flames will not consume you” ✞
  • Serving Holland/ Zeeland, MI and the Lakeshore
  • 616-594-0046
  • ls@reptilesls.com
  • Mon-Sat: 8am-8pm

Welcome to our $1,000,000 fundraising campaign

We welcome your support.

ReptilesLS, Lalo Salcedo, you are seriously trying to raise $1,000,000? Wow laugh out loud (lol) you must really be crazy? You are seriously asking for FREE money. Come on, get a job! Please read on…………………………..

Hi, My name is Lalo Salcedo (LS) with ReptilesLS. I want to thank you for making time to visit this page and before we go any further; I want to remind you that God loves you. I want to remind you God will never ever forsaken you. I want to encourage you to spend time with God daily and invite God into everything you do. God will restore and turn ashes into beauty. God will fill every void in your life. He is calling you, be obedient daily and answer. I hope you receive this love message in Jesus Mighty Name, Amen. Crazy? Yes! I will gladly accept being called crazy and I forgive you in advance. I am crazy about God and being obedient to Him is my daily goal. This Reptiles Exhibit & Event Center will be used to spread the gospel. We will use this building to spread Gods love for His people including YOU. We will use this building to help change lives. This building will be more than a “Reptiles Exhibit & Event Center.” God will use us and this building to reach souls and the Holy Spirit will be invited daily and expected to show up in mighty ways. We only want this fundraiser to be a success if its within Gods will. We have listed below answers to some Frequently Asked Questions. If you have any further questions after reading all the information below; please visit our contact page here on our website, and send us a message. God bless you!

The answer to this question is simple, NO, we are NOT asking for free money, but we are expecting people to believe in what we are trying to do, what God is trying to do, and if you are lead by your heart to donate a love offering (financial gifts) in any amount towards making this vision a reality; we will happily accept your love offering (financial gifts) and pray God multiple your giving in Jesus Mighty Name, Amen.
My name is Lalo Salcedo and I absolutely L.O.V.E reptiles. I am passionate about God, family, loving people, and reptiles. One of my main passions is REPTILES! I am the care-taker of over 100+ reptiles. God is the owner and founder and I am extremely grateful He is trusting me with His creations. The “ReptilesLS” name manifested by taking the first letters of my first name, “Lalo” and the first letter of my last name, “Salcedo” and adding the initials to the end of my passion “Reptiles” and that is how the name, “ReptilesLS” came to BE. We are and will be using reptiles and the event center to spread the gospel and Gods love for His people and Bringing Families Together is our #1 GOAL!
We are a mobile internet-based business based in Holland, MI USA serving private and public events in Holland/ Zeeland and the surrounding communities with Live Reptile Shows, DJ packages, table and chair rentals, and more. We are willing to travel as far as God needs us to go.
What was started as a private reptile collection has turned into a full blown business with bookings all across the lakeshore and beyond. This business venture was encouraged by my daughter Julissa Jayla Salcedo so I took action creating this business as an opportunity to inspire my daughter to be an entrepreneur. What has started as a business I can see God has transformed into a ministry spreading the gospel. Our live reptile shows is a great way to bring families of all walks of life together to enjoy live reptiles up close and personal.
We are currently running online and offline fundraising campaigns to raise the $1 million dollars to open a permanent Reptile Exhibit and Event Center in Holland, MI. The “Reptile Exhibit” will be home to 100’s of live reptiles for families to enjoy up close and the “Event Center” will offer rental space equipped with high quality HD screens and projectors, TVs, sound systems, lights, wireless microphones, tables and chairs, and more for the private alcohol-free events of families, non-profits, businesses, and more in our community and the surrounding communities. The “Event Center” will also be used for worship events, men, women, and children support groups, and more. We are determined to be a resource for the community. We are extremely confident it will be a blessing to families in Holland, along the lakeshore, West Michigan, and across the USA. Note, after we are up and running we will be self funded through affordable entry fees, offline and online sale of reptile supplies and reptiles, custom reptile tee shirt orders, private and public event bookings, and so much more. This $1 million dollars will get us up and running from the ground up.. Any additional funds will go towards other fixed expenses.
  • Love offerings (financial gifts) accepted online and offline via cash app, venmo app, Facebook messenger app, Paypal app, credit cards, cash, or check. All funds towards fundraising
  • Purchase of any items online at lsteeshirts.com All funds towards fundraising
  • Mention “ReptilesLS” when purchasing our high quality graphic design and printing services and portion will go towards fundraising
  • All live reptile show bookings. All funds towards fundraising
  • All DJ Packages all funds towards fundraising
  • Rental of chairs, tables, tents, HD screen and projector bundles, and more. All funds towards fundraising
  • Rental of high quality power washers. All funds towards fundraising
  • Attending any of our local upcoming reptile show events. All funds towards fundraising
  • Purchase ad space in advance for our upcoming monthly newsletter. All funds towards fundraising
  • Purchase any of the 100s of items we have for sale (new and like new TVs, laptops, electronics, and more.) All funds towards fundraising
  • Purchase a custom ad space on our 3 month marketing campaign and we will help your business reach 10’s of 1000’s of people online and offline guaranteed. All funds towards fundraising
  • Purchase of any of the design bundles listed on our reptilesls.com website. All funds towards fundraising
  • Need help power washing, moving, organizing, cleaning, etc? Contact us we will help. All funds towards fundraising
  • Booking fee for any and all speaking engagements for LS to encourage the youth. All funds towards fundraising
  • Purchase ad space on the “Featured Businesses” section of our website. All funds towards fundraising
  • Purchase a brick customized with your name on it that will be displayed on the outside patio for guest to hangout. All funds towards fundraising
  • Benches will be displayed outside add your businesses name or family name engraved. All funds towards fundraising
  • We will team up with local restaurants and portion of sales, usually 20%, will go towards fundraising so make sure to visit our site often so you can enjoy a meal plus help us reach our goal
  • Purchase a 4 HD home security system with installation included for your home or business (Holland and surrounding areas only.) All funds towards fundraising 

We would appreciate your support and donations towards making the “Reptile Exhibit and Event Center” a reality.

Every dollar counts! Sharing our fundraising campaign online across social media, via email and text message, and word of mouth will help us reach our goal. If you are lead to give; we will add your name to our prayer list. If you don’t give  and you do not support’ please contact us we will still add you and your family to our prayer list. We will pray God multiple your generosity and pray for peace, good health, and more for you and your family in Jesus Mighty Name, Amen.

Thank you in advance for your help and generosity!


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